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Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a therapeutic strategy aimed at preventing HIV infection and reducing the risk of future infection. In 2019, PrEP was added to the health basket of various health insurance funds and is offered to patients with a deductible.


Who is PrEP for?


PrEP is for HIV-negative people who engage in various sexual situations where it is not possible or difficult to use a condom (whether they are the penetrating or penetrated partner)


When you take PrEP, you are protecting only yourself, especially from partners who have not been recently tested and do not know their HIV status.


It's important to remember that someone who is HIV-positive and takes medication responsibly and is UNDETECTABLE has a zero chance of infecting others with HIV. Therefore, more positive people taking treatment and people taking PrEP are greater protection for the community and the public at large.


PrEP has many emotional benefits for people who are HIV-negative but anxious about HIV. Many individuals who use PrEP report that their sexual experiences become more relaxed, enjoyable, and less anxiety-provoking.

How to get PrEP in Israel:


All four health insurance funds offer PrEP treatment at a subsidized price (around NIS 70). Family doctors from all health insurance funds have been trained to provide PrEP treatment.


To locate the nearest doctor to you, check the updated list on the Ministry of Health website.

How do you take PrEP?

There are two methods of taking PrEP, each with its own benefits. It's crucial to read and understand how to take PrEP properly for each method, as taking it correctly is the only way to protect yourself from infection.

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