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Even after sex is over, your responsibility for your sexual health continues. There are actions that are possible, desirable, and sometimes even necessary to do after the sexual act to ensure your sexual health.


And besides, as they say, every end is a new beginning. After finishing the post-sexual activities, it's time to prepare for the next time by going back to the previous stage



Doing an enema?!

If you're thinking that an enema after sex can reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, I recommend reading my tips and going through the process safely.

Taking PEP

Did your condom break during sex, and do you fear that you may have been exposed to HIV? You can seek emergency treatment aimed at minimizing the chances of infection.

Performing Tests

I hope you practiced safe sex, but it's still recommended to undergo routine tests to detect sexually transmitted diseases. Early detection and treatment of these diseases can reduce the chances of infecting future partners.

So what did you think of doing after?

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